Kids Picture 2011~2012

These are kids our of our Herd Sire Tri F Farms "Addiction"

                                                                                                           Twin Percentage doelings Born 11/11

                                                                   Super nice doeling that will be shown by one of our sons at the show circut this year!!

                                                                                                                           Pictured at 3 months of age

                                                                                                                                    Vanity Fair 75%

                                                  100% Boer Bucking out of Tri F Farms Y33 14lbs at birth and growing like a weed!!! Pictured at 4weeks old!!!!

                                                                       March 21,2012 Tri F Farms Y33 X Rowdy's Miss BeHaven!!! Pictured at 9 weeks old!!

                                                                                The length and bone these kids carry at a young age look for what is to come!!!

                                                                        Twin sister to the above doeling Tri F Farms Y33 X Rowdy's Miss BeHaven 3/21/12

                                                                                      9 weeks old!!! We really like this cross. Nice long level topline and thick chest!

                                                                                        75 % Doeling Tri F Farms X Wilabe  Picture Coming Soon!!

                                                              100 % Buckling Tri F Farms X Rowdy's Special Tactics (Ripper Daughter) Picture Coming Soon!!


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